About Us

Deep Earth International was formed in May 2012 with the aim of being the leading company in offering communication and research related services in the oil and gas, minerals, and energy sector. The services are to be delivered in a timely, effective, unbiased, and efficient manner while maintaining the highest standards of professional integrity.

Drawing from the vast experience of the partners who have each covered and written about issues in all the minerals and energy sectors for at least five years or more, the firm is a one-stop centre for clients looking for deeper and thoughtful analysis.

The combined experience of its partners, and their past relationships with working for different media houses, makes Deep Earth International your best partner in understanding and communicating about issues in the oil and gas, minerals and energy sectors.

The partners’ exposure to international best practices inspires the firm to meet global standards.
Company values

At the core of the company’s values is offering our clients the most professional communication and research services in the oil and gas, minerals, and energy sectors.
The partners have the shared responsibility of upholding a client’s right to privacy. The firm has a strict policy against any staff that violates a client’s right to privacy.
The firm is fully aware of the issue of conflict of interest while seeking and divulging information. The firm has a strict policy that deters any of its staff to act on behalf of a conflicting party while executing its duties, and there are grave punishments within its policy for those found guilty of violating this rule.

Management structure.

The firm has a Managing Partner who handles most of the day-to-day decisions.

The board holds meetings on a weekly basis to review its work plans and whether they are being executed as agreed upon.

The firm has a Complaints Committee where aggrieved clients can always lodge their grievances if they are dissatisfied with the way the company has executed their work.

The company structure also has a communications department that helps the firm frequently interface with its clients as a way of building long-lasting relationships.

The firm has three partners.

Our Services

Our Services include but are not limited to the following;

Writing and editing reports
Carrying out research.
Designing communication and Public Relations strategies.
Facilitating conferences and workshops, especially managing the media.
Designing and managing websites.
Photography and filming documentaries.
Managing websites through frequent uploading of content.