Police creates new mineral protection unit

Jesca Keigombe has been appointed the head of the Police Minerals Protection Unit, according to a recent statement signed by Kale Kayihura, the Inspector General of Police.

The appointment of Keigombe comes in the wake of growing complaints from some investors about encroachment of local artisanal miners on licensed areas. Companies such as Gemstone International and Uganda Sino Watson Minerals Company Limited have found it hard to execute their project because heavy encroachment of unlicensed artisanal miners.

According to the police statement, which Deep Earth has, the minerals protection unit will report directly to the Inspector General of Police.

Some of the roles of the unit, according to the statement, include: Implement plans, policies and strategies for effective security of minerals in the country; conduct inspections surveillance and monitoring in order to detect and prevent illegal mining in the country; Sensitize communities on safe mining, environmental impact and dangers of illegal mining, among others.

For more information about the Police and army’s involvement in Uganda’s mining industry, and what this means, look out for the next edition of our monthly wrapper.


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